Work For Us

work-for-us-1Johnston’s Coachlines has a strong track record in attracting the best calibre of individuals seeking a career as a professional long distance touring coach driver.

If you are interested in a driving career with Johnston’s Coachlines the contact details are noted below. Your first point of contact should be in writing with a copy of your two page resume attached.

Successful candidates need to go through an extensive driver training programme.

Step 1

  • Attainment of Passenger Endorsement License
  • Defensive and hazard identification driver training
  • Completion of First Aid Certificate
  • NZQA unit standards achieved

Step 2

  • Customer service training
  • Tour manager/escort training
  • Tour commentary training
  • Advance driver techniques training and proficiency test
  • Route familiarisation training

Step 3

  • Two Island operating proficiency training
  • Achievement of the National Certificate in Passenger Service
  • Achievement of the National Certificate in Tour Leadership